Drive around your favourite winter sports destination with a rental car from Sunny Cars

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  • All insurances included
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Drive around your favourite winter sports destination with a rental car from Sunny Cars

And get the most out of your holiday.

Are you flying to the beautiful mountains this year, to tie on the long skis and race down the slopes? A rental car is very convenient, especially when you’re on a winter sports holiday. The car will be waiting for you at the airport, so you can drive the last few kilometres to your accommodation safely. Win-win because it's fast and comfortable! Of course, that rental car is all-in and even winter tires are included if that is compulsory.

A big advantage of renting a car during winter sports is that you and your travel companions can set off at your own pace! No more taxi rides or crowded ski buses to the ski lift. Moreover, renting a car as a group is cheaper than paying for that taxi every day. A nice bonus! Are you going on a winter holiday with a group? Then it's smart to rent a minivan. Our car rental experts will help you choose the right rental car. Not quite sure about your plans? Then make a reservation anyway, because with our Flexservice you're always free to change plans!

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That's why you rent a car on your winter holiday.

Driving carefree at your winter destination

A rental car makes every holiday more fun. Whether it's a trip to a sunny island or a winter sports destination covered in fresh snow. With a rental car you can easily find nice places off the beaten track and get more out of your (winter) holiday! Busy slopes or an overcrowded ski lift? Get in the rental car, drive a couple of kilometers and look for a nice slope that is less crowded! Is it a snow free afternoon, so you want to go out for a delicious apfelstrüdel? Take the car and drive to that one village full of cosy cafés. Enough to do, see and experience with an all-in car rental! We'll give you unlimited mileage as well, so you can go wherever you want.

That's why you rent a car on your winter holiday.
Everything you need for a winter sports holiday with a rental car

All-in car rental according to Sunny Cars.

WWe have arranged everything for you, from A to Z.

Everything you need is included in our all-inclusive formula. No need to worry! For your safety we play it safe. An additional liability insurance of at least €10 million, theft insurance and, of course, damage insurance are included. You pay on the spot for any excess, but we refund the amount to you. Just like damage to glass, tires, the floor or roof of the rental car. We have really thought of everything! And do you know what the best part is? With us, you don't have to worry about hassles afterwards. That is what carefree car rental is all about. And you have to agree: that comforting thought is especially ideal during a winter holiday.

Travel worry free from the Netherlands to a winter sports destination

For that extra bit of comfort and convenience.

Would you like to travel from the Netherlands to your destination by car? Then you may want to choose a larger rental car for some more comfort. The holiday starts from the moment you drive to the slopes! Or do you have a lease car and prefer to reserve a rental car, because it is more convenient in terms of costs? In that case we are also at your service! A rental car from Sunny Cars is not only fun, but in many cases also very convenient.

Did you know that in some cases it is even cheaper to rent an all-in car instead of having to buy winter tires and rent a ski box? Nothing but advantages! Do you want to have everything arranged properly? We can tell you more about toll vignettes and environmental stickers and the possibilities of renting winter sports accessories.

Travel worry free from the Netherlands to a winter sports destination
Useful information for your winter sports holiday

Customise your car rental with our convenient services.

You get everything you need for carefree and unlimited mileage. But you and your wintry holiday are unique, so you can customize your car rental with additional services! You reserve and pay for these services in advance, so they are included in your all-inclusive rental price. You will see which services are available at your destination during the reservation process.

No deposit

Pick up your rental car without having to pay a deposit. We guarantee it for you. So you don't need a credit card to pick up the car and you don't have to leave a cash deposit.

Read more about the No Deposit service

Winter tires

Winter tires are included as standard in destinations where they are mandatory. If this is not the case, you can of course reserve them as a service! Without winter tires you can't drive safely in the snow.

Read more about our Winter Tires Service


With this service you can skip the queue and pick up your rental car even faster. Get off the plane and into your rental car quickly and without queuing. That way your winter sports can start in no time.

Read more about our Fastlane Service

Additional driver

A second driver is nice. That way, you can enjoy the beautiful views every now and then during the car ride. (And also smart, with an eye on the fanatical skiing and possible injuries.

Read more about adding an additional driver

On to the snow! Carefree winter sports at these destinations

Are you looking forward to winter sports and can't wait to hit the slopes? We assure you that one of these wonderful winter sports destinations will make you smile.


Austria is a true winter wonderland. There is much to see and do, making this destination loved by many winter sports enthusiasts. With a rental car in Austria you can drive to cozy villages where you can enjoy Austrian delicacies.

Book your rental car in Austria


If you fly to Munich, you can take a scenic drive in a rental car to Austria. Take a leisure ride in your rental car to unique Austrian towns or to the slopes for an afternoon of sports fun.

Book your rental car in Munich


Italian summers are great, but so are winter sports holidays with a rental car in Italy! You are guaranteed to find endless slopes. Use your rental car to find the best Italian restaurants and make your winter sports holiday complete.

Book your rental car in Italy

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